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Our friendly and helpful team are always here to help you. Give us a call and we’ll try our best to give you the most competitive price possible!

We admire those who want to go on to their next stage in life, and we fully encourage it here at Affiniti Training. That’s why we offer the best courses training you up into teachers or trainers yourselves.   

By completing our teaching training or coaching courses you can help pursue your chosen career path or even help you start in a brand new one.

As well as the teacher training qualifications, we also offer a range of courses at level 3 or even sometimes 4. We would love to help you achieve the next step in your journey so please feel free to check out the courses available. Or if you know what you want, then all that’s left is to get in touch!

Contact us about your H&S needs Train the trainer for the workplace

To be able to teach a subject you need three elements (most of which we can provide you with):

- Teaching qualification: 3 day TPP or a 5 day EAT Course. (The EAT replaces the PTLLS).

- Subject knowledge qualification: Level 3 qualification or a level above the course being taught.

- Experience: You should have experience in the field or knowledge in the subject wanting to be taught.

Sometimes further train the trainer courses are required, for instance First Aid Trainers courses, which combines all three.

For Coaching Sports the Qualification you will need is either Level 1, 2 or 3 Coaching, possibly in Coaching Adults and children.

If you want to teach Coaching Level 1 - 3 then the above Teaching Qualifications are for you.

Looking for Coaching or Teacher Training? How can we help you Teaching Requirements Courses for you Registered Centre for Qualsafe Awards First Aid

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