Meet the Training Manikins

Meet our family of manikins! Here to make the courses fun and interactive so that you can enjoy yourself while learning.

This extensive range of manikins is something that other ‘death by PowerPoint’ trainers simply just don’t have. HSE standards state you only need 1 Manikin per 4 people, but we aim to provide a larger variety for you to get the most out of the course. Just let us know if you have any specific needs prior to the training so we can bring along the right manikins. They will enjoy the day trip!

So if you want the best training for you or your staff you know we’re the ones for you. All you have to do is give us a call.

CPR Manikins

Choking Manikins



Meet Fred, Anne, Baby, Angelina, Junior, and Brad. Recently Fred has put on a little weight, but that’s ok because unlike most other training companies, we realise that the older overweight person is at a higher risk of heart conditions, and therefore requiring your assistance and skills in performing CPR.



Meet OB, Baby, Charlie, and Brad, our handsome young lads all grown up and ready to help you learn about first aid. Brad is sporting a Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer (worn by a delegate in training) which would enable you to practice the techniques on a real person.This is great for you because it’s so much more realistic. We think this is important to practice and another reason to choose us as most other companies just simply don’t bother because the choking manikins aren’t a required by HSE as standard.